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Helping Parents with Memory Loss

It's perfect. He often does not remember their names, but if I take their picture and show him our Family Album, he knows exactly who they are.

Beverly, Family Coordinator

Sherish helps those with memory loss by making it easy to connect and enjoy memories through old and new photos that show in an endless display on your loved one's TV.
It's always on - 24x7 - helping to keep the connection to Mom and Dad
especially during lonely periods. 
Sherish is simple to use!
The Device is an HDMI plug-in for their TV, that allows access to your Sherish account via WiFi.
Download the free Sherish App and upload unlimited photos that can be enhanced with voice and text captions.  Those images instantly appear right on your loved one's TV.
Add old memories - weddings, graduations, old friends - to provide your loved one moments of reminiscence and connection
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Why Choose Sherish?

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Connect Your Entire Family​
Sharing moments, memories, and events no matter the distance.
Cherished Memories​
Add old photos to reminisce and reflect on  Weddings, Family Reunions, Birthday, Yearbooks, Baby Photos, and many others.
Senior Friendly
With a single touch of the Sherish remote, your loved one enjoys viewing your family album anytime day or night.
Easy to Install​
Simply plug in the HDMI device, connect to your home WiFi, and you are ready to go.
Photos On Your Own TV​
No need for a Smart TV.  Photos display in an endless slideshow on their existing TV screen.
Ease of Use
Instantly add photos to your Family Album by simply "swiping up" from the free Sherish mobile app.
Unlimited Photos & Members​
Start adding photos immediately.  Many families add 100+ photos before the Sherish device even arrives.