Choose how you view your Family Album: 


To View your Family Album on a Tablet or Smartphone

To start or continue to view your Family Album on a tablet or smartphone you simply need to begin your monthly subscription.  Sherish is $5 per month billed to a credit card.  Go to Check Out, select the Sherish Monthly Service, and complete the purchase process.

To View your Family Album on your TV

To view your Family Album on your TV you need to make a one time purchase of the Sherish HDMI receiver and remote. Go to Check Out and select the Sherish Monthly Service for the same $5 per month and complete the purchase process. To purchase the Sherish receiver, select the “Buy Now” button in the menu bar and return to the Check Out page. Select the HDMI TV Receiver and Remote for $58 plus tax, and complete the purchase process again. Sorry, we’re working on handling both orders at the same time, but our system is not quite ready.


You can discontinue Sherish at any time and photos are returned in a digital file.  Adequate WiFi is required.


A Note from Sherish founder, Alan Stanford

As I visited my Mother and her friends for several years in her senior community, I quickly observed how precious visits were and the loneliness that set in-between visits. When her friends lamented to me that their families lived away or were not able to visit often, I committed to use technology to devise a way to keep families connected. The result is Sherish that helps seniors living at home or in senior communities constantly enjoy life's memories.

We invented Sherish to solve these problems.


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