Always Be Connected With Your Loved Ones

Sherish lets everyone enjoy endless photos on their TV any time they wish - staying up to date with new photos while reminiscing with memorable photos to help alleviate lonely spells.



Totally private. No tracking or profiling like social networks do.

Your family and friends download the free App

All add unlimited photos to your family album 

Photos play endlessly on your loved one's TV



Safe from the social networks' tracking and profiling, photos are saved "in the cloud" for permanent retention and constant availability without the need for dusty albums and full shoeboxes


Limited only by the desire and creativity of family and friends, private Sherish albums grow with priceless current and memorable photos as a perfect way to enjoy life's memories.


All family members and friends share photos, that can be enhanced with voice and text captions, that their loved ones enjoy on their large TV screens without any computer skills necessary.

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Senior Friendly


A Note from Sherish founder, Alan Stanford

As I visited my Mother and her friends for several years in her senior community, I quickly observed how precious visits were and the loneliness that set in-between visits. When her friends lamented to me that their families lived away or were not able to visit often, I committed to use technology to devise a way to keep families connected. The result is Sherish that helps seniors living at home or in senior communities constantly enjoy life's memories.

We invented Sherish to solve these problems.


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